“What’s this” asked the pretty young waitress, tapping with her pencil the tin container he had placed carefully near the table edge. He looked up from the menu. The girl’s badge identified her as Julia. Her vacant smile identified her as a local. “I’m in town to dispose of my father’s remains” he said bluntly. […]

No Man’s Sky

I have a confession. Are you ready? I like No Man’s Sky. I hesitate to share this darkest of secrets with you because I have seen, time and time again, the ramifications of divulging such an awful truth. Anyone with an interest in the medium has, at some point, witnessed the public outcry that results […]


Comic book fans are more than familiar with the transfer of ideas between media.  What was once “geek culture” has long since become mainstream, with comic books now dominating the best selling movies, tv series and (heaven forfend) video games.  It works the other way too, with frequent comic adaptations of movies with varying degrees […]

The Tomorrow Children: Review

I’ve been intrigued by The Tomorrow Children since I read an article about it a few months back.  You see, The Tomorrow Children is bringing something unique to the indie games market.  It’s a game about Communism. More precisely, The Tomorrow Children is a game about society and about how groups of people cooperate, or […]

Sheltered: Review

We arrive at the concrete shelter in a flurry of confusion.  Our family of four, keen to ensure their safety from the unnamed disaster unfolding on the surface, explore these sparse few rooms and are quickly disappointed.  We might have hoped to be safely cryogenically frozen through the end of days, or to spend the […]

Firewatch: Review

There seems to be a growing trend among independent game studios to deliberately cast aside the traditional conflict based games of most triple-A companies, moving towards a less violent, more emotional gaming experience. Games like Gone Home or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture use the simple mechanic of a story revealed through exploration to draw […]

Dogbreath: The Wee Nap

Sister publications Zarjaz and Dogbreath are fanzines which publish roughly twice a year, producing original stories featuring established characters from the week anthology comic 2000ad.  Whilst other comic book companies fiercely guard their properties, a much healthier relationship has developed between the publishers of 2000ad and the fans who contribute to and produce Zarjaz and […]