Dogbreath: The Wee Nap

Sister publications Zarjaz and Dogbreath are fanzines which publish roughly twice a year, producing original stories featuring established characters from the week anthology comic 2000ad.  Whilst other comic book companies fiercely guard their properties, a much healthier relationship has developed between the publishers of 2000ad and the fans who contribute to and produce Zarjaz and Dogbreath.


Whilst Zarjaz publishes tales taken from the variety of worlds which appear in the anthology, Dogbreath focuses on the Stontium Dog stories.  This still leaves a huge sandpit for creators to play in.  The underclass of mutants living in that dystopian future who resort to hunting bounties as Search and Destroy agents, or “Strontium Dogs” take in the sci-fi tropes of time travel and intergalactic adventures, with themes as varied as political uprising and racial division, to wild west fiction and magic.


I am ridiculously pleased that my first story for Dogbreath has now been published in issue 30.  The Wee Nap takes the hard drinking Scottish brawler Middenface Mcnulty and places him in the centre of a Raymond Chandler style noir detective story. Art for the story was produced by Simon Bennet Hayes and I’m really pleased with his finished work, which perfectly suits the tone.


Dogbreath and Zarjaz are available in comic shops and online.


Here’s a recent review of Dogbreath issue 30 by Starburst magazine.


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